Got the idea while filling out a VARK method survey (don’t ask) that asked me, “Which of the following best describes the industry you work in?” The only answer that really fit was “information and media services.” Maybe you could make a case for “arts and recreation services.” Or “waste management.” Sure, I don’t make any money from this website, but I’m unemployed, and this site comprises my main hobby that looks the most like any human activity that could be reasonably described as vaguely resembling “work.” The reason I was taking the VARK survey was specifically because I am working on an upcoming project for this website. As far as their metrics are concerned, my purpose for perusing their material in the first place is for “information and media services,” in that I am writing out essays designed for online publication.

And then I thought that — I suppose — what I’m doing with this website is essentially a self-published loose newspaper, delivered in piecemeal, published article-by-article. As opposed to a daily or weekly publication, wherein you would find the news section, the features section, the sports, opinion, and review sections. Maybe even a juicy advice column, or some letters to the editor.

But then I thought… WELL… I COULD do that with my own writing. I could create monthly or quarterly publications. There’s nothing stopping me… other than impostor syndrome.

Each publication would contain a few stories that may or may not have happened a decade ago, updates to those stories, additional context, self-reflection related to the story, a band and TV show I reviewed recently, a small themed advice section, and my opinion on a random topic.

They could be physical or digital. I could take care of the formatting and design myself. In fact, I’m pretty sure I could do it all in PowerPoint. Every word of it would be rewritten in the writing style I’ve grown comfortable with after 15 years, and with my current — and thus more honest — perspective. I could include images or graphics as needed.

Maybe even an occasional themed publication, where the entire release could relate to my issues dealing with narcissism (including the funny personal stories and musical interests). Or perhaps a collection of essays about the fundamental forces of the human mind, and how they all work together to create a cohesive system of learning that is unique to that person.

(It probably wouldn’t make sense to create timed publications using only my current writings, unless I can prove to myself that I can write consistently for a year or two at a time without long breaks. Usually I “get the itch to write” for only a few months out of any given year, and I don’t even bother to try and write outside that window. I’ve tried, and it’s unproductive and frustrating. I prefer my hobbies to be fun.)

One concept that makes a lot more sense in a timed publication: updates to the story since then, and/or additional reflections that might not be on-topic enough to have been included in the original post. These supplements don’t really have much of a spot to fit in on the website overall, unless I just stuck them all in Random. Or in the Journal section, including a link to the post being reflected on or updated. After all, I am summarizing my personal thoughts, emotions, and/or reactions, which fits right in with the rest of the Journal posts. Especially as I’m assuming I will be writing each supplement from a slightly more personal or vulnerable perspective.

A biannual publication might be useful for someone who wants to read “Adam’s recent writings” as a sort of occasional newsletter. I imagine many people happen upon my website because one particular article I wrote interested them, but they’re not necessarily interested at that time in the other pieces I’ve written. The reason I surmise this is because that’s what my website’s stats seem to tell me.

Someone who enjoys my style of writing in general, or thinks my jokes are funny, or knows me personally, might be interested in sitting down every once in a while and checking out a bit of everything that Adam has been writing about. For someone who prefers my posts about psychology and personal experience, they might stop to skim a music review if it’s about an artist they’ve heard of — and/or are surprised to see me as a fan. It’s what you do while flipping through a newspaper: you might briefly skim a lesser-interest article on your way to the specific piece(s) you’re most interested in. Maybe you’re on your way to the particular section you prefer to check out every time you read that newspaper (features, opinion, etc) and a story about a burglary catches your eye, and you end up reading the whole story and pretty soon you’ve forgotten why you even bought the paper in the first place.

For now, expect no major changes to the posting frequency or structure of this website. This is an idea for years down the road, not anytime soon.


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