I’ve slowly grown more comfortable with my own inconsistencies in my writing and formatting. You’ve ALL noticed that I sometimes leave i uncapitalized, a deliberate move on my part to show that I’m not taking that particular sentence too seriously, nor taking myself seriously enough to justify the capitalization of the first person.

Sometimes I’ll italicize the name of a film or TV show, but other times I don’t. Sometimes I switch present, past, and participle tense in the middle of a sentence. I respect Associated Press, APA, and MLA style guides, but being 100% beholden to them is too limiting to linguistic creativity. If I italicized “Watchmen” every time I mentioned it in a 2,500-word review, it would (1) get old real fast for both me and the reader, and (2) prevent me from using italics for a word or phrase I want to emphasize or draw attention to.

I’ve accepted that my sentences are complex and long-winded. They just are. Grammarly gets pissed at me all the time for it, and while I take its suggestions and objections seriously, I usually override them. It also hates when I make up words like “bullshittedly” or “pseudosidekick” because ‘pseudo-sidekick’ doesn’t work when in a comparative/contrasted phrase using the slash punctuation as I just did. Shakespeare invented his own words, and he was just a regular human being like the rest of us.

I appreciate and highly encourage anyone to point out spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes when I make them in my writings. But a lot of the time I do it on purpose. Sometimes I just don’t like the aesthetic of, “placing a comma before and after a quotation,” opting instead to just “throw them in there” as such.

I’ve constantly fought myself over the years though in making sure that everything I’ve ever written is formatically consistent with everything else I’ve written, often resulting in me pouring over old blog posts and stories to change punctuation usage to match my current internal styleguide. My personal grammar headcanon. 

But I kinda just have to let it go. Go with the flow. Feel out what I’m trying to say and give the paragraph what it needs to succeed.

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