[Reading Time: 2-3 minutes; no spoilers]

Amanda “The live-action Aladdin is on there—”

Me “Wait, really? Disney Plus is offering the new stuff?”

Amanda “Yeah!”

Me “…But that’s on, like, the Premium Plan or something, right?”

Amanda “There’s only one plan. You pay $6.99 a month and get access to everything.”

Me “It’s seven dollars a month?”

Amanda “Yep! Or if you buy a whole year you get two months free.”

Me “…I fully assumed it would be like $15 or $16 a month, and that it’s not gonna have very much stuff in it.”

I haven’t watched a single episode of anything on D+ yet, because yesterday it was experiencing a few launch-day hiccups, and today I’ve been watching the first public hearings of the presidential impeachment inquiry. But just from what I know so far, I am VERY surprised at the value Disney is offering in their Disney Plus service.

Me “You’re telling me that for $7 a month, you can watch any Disney movie, ever?”

Amanda “Basically, yeah. There’s a couple things that are stuck in Netflix because they don’t have the rights or whatever, but mostly everything else.”

Me “Especially for parents, that is a STEAL. If you buy one Disney movie, you’re spending a couple months of D+ right there.”

Amanda “Even more than that for new movies.”

Me “That is basically a f****** babysitter.”

Right now I’m looking at the live-action Aladdin movie starting Will Smith right now on iTunes, and it’s $19.99 to purchase it. Renting it is only $5.99, which is only a single dollar less than it costs for an entire month of Disney Plus.

On Disney Plus? You can just watch it right there. As many times as you want, all month.

I have no idea how much interest I’ll personally have in D+ because I usually only watch specific shows I’m interested in and don’t otherwise watch much TV. But it is a REALLY good deal, and I was SHOCKED that it’s offering that much value for such a low price.

I’m not being paid to say this; I’m just really impressed.

Get in while you can, though, because I have to express cynicism at the idea it’ll be this good forever. Disney as a company will exist until the end of time, and the online streaming of popular media is still a relatively new service. Disney can afford to put out an excellent service at a low price, though I’m not even going to pretend I understand whether or not Disney is taking a loss. I’ve heard and read that Netflix “isn’t turning a profit” but I don’t understand enough about economics to even be able to Google the correct terms in order to cite a source.

Five years from now (or whenever) I expect Disney will start pulling back a little on offering newer movies without some sort of Premium Account that costs a bit more per month, or a Disney Kids account that includes all past children’s movie classics like the OG Lion King, OG Aladdin, etc.

For now, Disney can afford to generate goodwill. It’s all there. I looked up Aladdin and was reminded that there were two sequels I never saw as a kid. Those are there too. Lilo and Stich? It’s there. Wizards of Waverly Place? Yup. High School Musical, Disney Channel original movies, Remember the Titans, the entire Star Wars collection/genre, every Marvel movie I can think of… after a few minutes I stopped trying to think of more things to type in the search box to see if they’re available to watch on Disney Plus.

If you like Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, or The Simpsons, and you have $7 to spare, give it a try. Especially if you have kids.

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