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I’m reviewing an entire artist? I have a few thoughts about her “dont smile at me” and “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?” albums:

My favorite songs off these albums are the ones you’d expect. Hostage, Ocean Eyes, Copycat, Bury A Friend, and Bad Guy.

Her music bangs when there’s a lot going on, sonically, but it also shines when subdued. Her songs sometimes contain some small portions of near silence, showing that she and her producer(s) know how to make a statement in what’s NOT being played.

Where you might expect a bass drop from an artist so clearly in touch with meme culture (the latter album features a ‘friends goofing around’ audio recording as the opening track, and contains seemingly random quotes from The Office), sometimes you just don’t get it. The music will cut out where you may have been expecting it to swell.

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