I don’t have a lot going on in my life right now, and that’s the way I like it. I’ve lived an eventful life for a white kid growing up in North Dakota and I have no regrets.

My daily boredom has directed me toward something that was previously off-limits to me: Publicly trolling people on Facebook.

You CAN express your political opinions while in the military, with surprisingly few restrictions. I can say that I voted for Clinton, or that I believe Trump obstructed justice, but I can’t outright call Trump a fucking moron because that falls under a prohibition of active duty military members directly disparaging the Commander in Chief.

But I did refrain anyway. I had a lot of co-workers and bosses as Facebook friends, because we still aren’t sure as a society how we’re supposed to handle that. So in an attempt to make nice and be friends with everyone (a “tactic” that works quite well for me) I held back A LOT on publicly expressing many of my political opinions.

That’s over now. I’m fully out of the military, my terminal leave is over, and I am officially a free man. I’m currently working on a gigantic summary and review of the Mueller Report on Facebook, opinions and everything.

That’s not what this post is. This is just me making fun of people, trolling, shooting down dumb arguments, or just trying to make myself laugh by saying something ridiculous.

Basically no different than my normal life. Only instead of hiding behind an anonymous username on Reddit, I’m doing it with my real name on Facebook.


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