Be cooperative. Even if you aren’t interested in morality at all, being peaceful and promoting win-win scenarios works out in your favor much more often than badgering your way through life and coercing people.

Aggressive coercion is better at getting what you want in the short-term, but then will often close the door for situations going forward.

Cooperative, win-win choices might get you less of what you want in the short term, and may even have an increased chance of failure for each situation… but it won’t burn any bridges. You save the relationships you have with people rather than destroy them.

Arguing, fighting, openly disagreeing, having an attitude, directly challenging… these things make you look:
– Disagreeable, which makes people less likely to agree with you or side with you- Lazy, as though you’re just trying to get out of work- Threatening to their feelings of authority
Mutual cooperation, peace, negotiations, win-win scenarios… these are the ideal situations under which you get what you want in your workplace. This makes you look:
– Valuable, because when people what to get what they want, they’ll come to you. This is probably the most important aspect. If people feel like they can “use” you to get what they want in a mutually cooperative manner, you build a rapport with them that allows you to do the same. Maybe with their knowledge, maybe not.- A problem solver, who people can come to for solutions to many different issues.- Trustworthy, as you are someone who will come up with a solution that doesn’t screw anyone over.
It’s better to play the long game. Keep everyone on your good side indefinitely. You get more out of life in the long run if you facilitate cooperation and mutually beneficial relationships, rather than just trying to take what you want.
Instead of trying to convince someone to give you food, get them to like you enough they want to buy you dinner.
Always be sure you appear as a hard worker who is agreeable and who does what they’re told. The best way to appear like this, is to actually legitimately be a hard worker who does what he or she is told.

“Moderation is better than muscle; self-control better than political power.” – Solomon

“Smart people know how to hold their tongue; their grandeur is to forgive and forget.” – Solomon

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