It’s fairly accepted common wisdom that people remember negative things more than the positive things. When someone majorly screws up, they’ll be known for that, rather than anything else good that they did.

Advice to not majorly screw up is, of course, easier said than done. But you can negate your wrongdoing in people’s minds by doing positive things.

For positivity, it’s the little things that people remember.

– Buy donuts for the office (or bananas, apples, or some other healthy food if your office is into that)
– Make coffee, even if you don’t drink it
– Buy supplies (plates, cups, whatever) and don’t expect to be paid back for it

If you constantly find yourself with the opportunity to correct little things – for example, if something is turned over to you screwed up, and you fix it – do it without telling anyone. Wait for the perfect opportunity to bring it up in conversation. The moment will come when people around you are talking about something that you have a perfect opportunity to insert your “Yeah, I’m constantly doing such-and-such” in a natural way.

That moment may be months after you actually do it. Remember, the long-haul war is what you want to be winning in your office, not the short-term individual day-to-day battles.

You’ll know when the moment hits. If you are uncertain, don’t.

“Lots of people flock around a generous person; everyone’s a friend to the philanthropist.” ~King Solomon (authorship disputed)

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